Getting Started & AmeriPlan Scripts

So, on your mark, get set and get ready to start making money! Today we’ll begin working on getting you to that first level and earning some money. Our calling time will be dependent upon your first prospects’ time schedules. Do they work during the day? Would evening be a better time to reach them by phone? You and I can determine the best calling time for each one when we talk. If you need to reach me right away, you can reply to this e-mail or just call me.


Be Friendly, Be Happy, Be Excited, Be Enthusiastic and SMILE! At all times, your prospects should hear this in your voice whether you meet them in person or talk with them over the phone.


This script should be used when talking to someone you know well, but is not familiar with the AmeriPlan® programs:

“Hi ___________. Listen, I thought of you today and wanted to ask you how do you like your current dental plan?” (Most people you ask will say “what dental plan?”) “Well, I just bought a discount health program that is only$14.95 a month for individual and $19.95 a month for my whole household and it includes everything. And I mean everything! I’ve got a brochure on it and can tell you all about it.” (Use your brochure and talk them through the programs.) Then when you get to the application tell them, “It’s so easy to get started with this program. Would you like to start saving today? I can fill this out for you right here.” (Walk them through the application while you’re filling it out. This approach works well in person or over the phone.)



This script should be used when talking to 5-6 people you know really well and who do not need much explanation:
“Hi __________. How are you doing? Listen, I have found something really exciting and I wanted to show it to you. Can you meet me for coffee this morning?” – OR – “Can I come over real quick?” – OR – “How about lunch tomorrow, etc.?”


This script can be used to get your prospect on a three-way call with your upline:
A note about three-way calls - they are very powerful! The best way to three-way calls is to set up a specific time with your upline when you are going to try to reach of your prospects. At the time specified and before you begin making the calls, call your upline and make sure they are ready. Tell them a little something about each person you are going to call. Then hang up and start making your calls.

“Hi __________. This is ___________. The reason I’m calling is that I have just bought a tremendous dental program that is very affordable. It’s only $14.95 a month for individual and $19.95 a month for my entire household. The person that showed it to me also told me that I can make several hundred dollars in the next 30 days working the business. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Great! Listen, I don’t have all the answers yet so I’d like to get _______ (your upline), the person who showed me this opportunity, on the line to tell you about it and answer any questions you might have. He/She is (if your upline has a title with AmeriPlan®, use it here – Regional Sales Director, etc.) and is positioning himself/herself to make a lot of money in this business. This would be a great way for you to hear their personal success story, first-hand. Hold on. (Push the flash button, call your upline to join the three-way call. Push the flash button again and you should all be connected. Introduce your upline to your prospect and then let your upline take over the call